High Post Golf Club

Ecology & Environment

Our Environmental Credentials at High Post Golf Club

Welcome to High Post Golf Club, where tradition meets environmental stewardship in the heart of natural beauty. Established in 1922, our course harmoniously integrates with the picturesque chalk downland landscape, offering golfers panoramic views stretching from the historic Iron Age hill forts of Sidbury and Danebury to the majestic spire of Britain's tallest cathedral in the south, Salisbury.

Despite golf's reputation for environmental impact, our presence on 120 acres of this cherished land actually serves as a bulwark against unchecked urbanisation. By providing a recreational outlet for many and preserving vital habitat for indigenous wildlife, we strike a balance between human enjoyment and ecological responsibility.

At High Post, our commitment to environmental preservation is not merely a token gesture. Through collaborative efforts with organisations like English Nature, we actively manage our course to minimise our ecological footprint while nurturing a thriving ecosystem. This dedication has resulted in a diverse array of plant and animal species, including wildflowers, bees, butterflies, small mammals, bats, and birds, enriching the experience of every round of golf.

Embedded within our management ethos is a comprehensive conservation plan, culminating in our Centenary celebration in 2022. Supported by our greenkeeping team and volunteers, our conservation efforts encompass sustainable practices such as prudent water management, utilising drought-resistant grasses, and minimising nitrogen use. Additionally, we prioritise habitat restoration; from controlling invasive species to creating nesting sites and preserving wildflower patches, all aimed at fostering biodiversity.

While we may not boast a narrator as esteemed as David Attenborough, our collection of wildlife photographs speaks volumes. Explore our portfolio below to witness firsthand the success of our endeavors in nurturing and safeguarding the rich flora and fauna that call High Post Golf Club home.

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